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Pronunciation:  spûur

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Matching Terms:  spoo, spoof, spoofing, spooge, spook, spookily, spooky, spool, spool file, spooler, spoolview, spoom, spoon, spoon bread, spoon food, spoonbill, spoonbill catfish, spoon-billed, spoondrift, spoonerism, spooney, spoonfeed, spoonfeeding, spoonflower, spoonful, spoonily, spoonleaf yucca, spoon-meat, spoonwood, spoonworm, spoonwort, spoony

WordNet Dictionary
 Definition: [n]  the trail left by a person or an animal; what the hunter follows in pursuing game; "the hounds followed the fox's spoor"
 See Also: trail



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Spoor\, n. [D. spoor; akin to AS. spor, G. spur, and from
    the root of E. spur. [root]171. See {Spur}.]
    The track or trail of any wild animal; as, the spoor of an
    elephant; -- used originally by travelers in South Africa.
  2. \Spoor\, v. i.
    To follow a spoor or trail. [R.]